Hotel Montetaxco - Taxco, Guerrero, 40210, Mexico

Aroma Spa

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If your visit to Taxco is to forget the stress, pamper yourself with a massage close to heaven in our relaxation center "Aroma Spa" 

Free your senses and let us pamper you with the energetic power of the mountain.

Massages and Treatments

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Blue Sky

Body Massage therapy with profound impact on the nervous system, acts restoring energy flow and provides a feeling of wellness.
Length: 30, 60 or 80 minutes (you can choose)

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Montetaxco Special

After walking around the beautiful cobbled streets of Taxco, Guerrero, legs and feet deserve a break. This ritual is excellent for stimulating circulation, refreshing and providing relief and absolute comfort. We start with a pleasant menthol exfoliation to activate circulation, followed with camphor rubs from ankle to groin and finish with a delicious venous massage.

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Ananda Ritual of Happiness

Enjoy the unique sensation of hot stones combined with citrus essences that bring you back to hapiness and calm.
·Length: 80 minutes 

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Facial as you like

· Look of an angel: Revitalizing treatment on eyelid. 30 minutes
· Deep Cleaning: Removal of impurities for a buautiful and radiant skin. 60 minutes
· Nutritional and Moisturizing: Exclusive active high quality treatment, seven times more hydrating than hyaluronic acid. 70 minutes
· Ritual Total Care: Give your skin a present with the incredible feeling of freshness and hydration that will make you look radiant and healthy. 90 minutes 

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Silk Skin

Soften the skin of your body with this delicious bath of paraffin that nourishes and moisturizes while you relax with its thermal effect. Excellent to show off a beautiful skin.
·Length: 90 minutes 

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Moon light

Couple relaxing ritual created to share a special moment. It consists of craniofacial massage with seductive aromatic essences, followed by our blue sky and foot reflexology massage.
·Includes a bottle of wine
·Length:90 minutes


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