Hotel Montetaxco - Taxco, Guerrero, 40210, Mexico

Hotel Montetaxco

From a visionary man a lovely place was born.

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Montetaxco was created from a visionary man's dream who arrived to Taxco to stay forever, a town that he adopted like a second home and that saw from different locations the surrounding hills, and imagined a hotel at the top of the mountain. That man was Don Alfredo Checa Curi. The support of his wife Mrs. Ma. Antonieta Levien and their children Marinette, Alfredo, Pablo, Damia, Rafael and Christian, made his dream come true in 1970 at the top of de Cantera Mountain.

Don Alfredo, like everybody call him, at the beginning, had too many problems in the construction of the hotel, because of the complicated way to go up to the mountain. He was helped by architecs, engineers, people from Taxco and even by donkeys, that helped him pave the way. Finally, he got achieved his dream, and nowadays Montetaxco is an important place for the tourism of the town, for the State of Guerrero and for the national and international tourism. 

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Montetaxco has hosted great special events: big companies events, weddings, birthdays. Many movies have been filmed in the hotel like “El Chanfle 2” from the famous mexican actor Chespirito. Also a lot of TV ads, soap operas, TV Shows have been recorded in Montetaxco. Singers and artists like Luis Miguel, Emmanuel, Vicente Fernandez, Joan Sebastian have visited the hotel. People from all over the world, from different races and religions, and of course, all the national and international tourists that have visited Montetaxco have had an special place in the life of this hotel with 39 years of service.


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